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Why does your website need a redesign?

Updated: May 8

An open Laptop/Macbook Pro with an open window of website redesign by doxorb

Let's talk about your website. You know that digital storefront of yours? It's like the face of your business in the online world. But here's the thing – just like fashion trends change and technology evolves, websites need a refresh too. Yep, even yours.

Now, you might be thinking, "But my website looks fine!" Sure, it might look fine, but is it really working for you? Is it grabbing the attention of potential customers and turning them into loyal fans? Is it updated with the latest trends? If not, it might be time for a little makeover.

Here are 7 signs that scream, "It's redesign time!"


1. Slow Loading Times: 

Picture this – you're searching for a product or service online, you click on a website, and then you're stuck waiting... and waiting... and waiting. 

Frustrating, right? Well, that frustration could be costing you customers.

According to Akamai, just 100 milliseconds delay hurt the conversion rate by 7 %.

In today's fast-paced world, people expect websites to load lightning-fast.

Sure, let's simply put that….

 If your site is slow, you're losing potential customers.

Just look at Amazon. They found that even a tiny speed boost—like making their site load just a bit faster—led to more money rolling in. 

Think about it: a 100-millisecond improvement meant a 1% increase in revenue. That's like saying, "Hey, the faster we go, the more cash we make!" So, speed matters big time in the online game.

If yours is lagging behind, you're risking losing your potential customers.

Fun Fact: Google considers page speed as one of the ranking factors for both desktop and mobile searches. Faster-loading pages tend to rank higher in search engine results pages. 

as you already know a higher ranking in search results makes users more likely to visit and consider purchasing from the website.


2. Outdated Design:

In today's digital landscape, having an outdated website design is like showing up to a party in yesterday's fashion – it's just not going to cut it. 

A study by Accenture revealed that companies that embrace digital trends are 26% more profitable than those that resist technological advancements.

With Gen Z and millennials dominating the online presence, keeping up with trends isn't just a choice, it's a necessity.

Your website is often the first impression you make on potential customers, and if the website was designed more than two years ago and hasn’t been touched since then, you risk losing their interest faster than you can say "refresh." 

A modern, sleek design not only looks more professional but also builds trust with your audience and engages with your audience in a language they understand.


Would you trust a business that can't even keep its website up to date?

No, you will not.

So, if your website feels like a blast from the past, it might be time to hit the refresh button and join the digital conversation of today.


3. Not Mobile responsive or Mobile-Friendly:


Ever noticed how much time we spend on our phones compared to desktops? Well, According to ComScore it's actually more than double!

But here's the thing: even though our websites are supposed to be mobile-friendly, sometimes they can be a bit wonky on certain devices. You know, like when you have to zoom in and move around just to find what you're looking for?

Not fun, right? That's why it's super important to have a responsive website that adjusts to different screen sizes.

Over 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices, highlighting the importance of mobile optimization for online businesses. (Source: Statista)

And get this: did you know that nearly half of all searches start on a mobile device? Crazy, huh? So, if your site isn't responsive, it might be time for a little upgrade. 


4. Low Conversion Rates: 

So, you're getting plenty of visitors to your website, but they're not sticking around or taking any action. 

Yeah, that conversion rate isn't looking too hot.

That's a red flag right there.

So, how can we turn all these website visitors into paying customers? 

Conversion optimization is the answer!"

Your website should be a conversion machine – turning visitors into leads and leads into paying customers. 

Think of it like creating this seamless pathway that guides your visitors straight to where you want to them go. It's all about making sure every click your visitors make counts and leads them closer to becoming a customer or a subscriber.

By working together, at Doxorb we can transform your website into a conversion machine.

We're talking about tweaks and changes with a conversion-focused redesign.

that makes it ridiculously easy for visitors to do what you want them to do – sign up, buy something, and download that freebie. Every click counts, leading them closer to becoming a customer or a loyal subscriber.


5. Poor User Experience: 

Put yourself in your customer's shoes for a moment. Is your website easy to navigate? Can they find what they're looking for without getting lost in a maze of pages? If not, you're leaving them frustrated and likely to seek out a competitor who can offer a smoother experience. Remember, a happy customer is a repeat customer.

Studies show a whopping 88% of online visitors leave a website because of a bad user experience [source: NN/g Nielsen Norman Group]. 

That means they get confused, can't find what they need, or the website is slow to load or maybe the buttons are all over the place, the words are all squished together making it hard to read, and lots of CTAs. Whatever it is, if your website isn't doing what you want it to do, it's time to roll up your sleeves and give it a fresh new look. 


6. Brand Evolved, Your Website Should too.

Remember that business plan you wrote before launching? It probably had some cool ideas about your brand and how you'd reach customers. But guess what? Things change!

Just like your favourite band might experiment with a new sound, your brand can evolve too. Maybe your target audience is totally different now, or your offerings have shifted. That's all good! But here's the thing: if your website still reflects the "old you," it's gonna confuse everyone.

Think of your website as your shop window. If you've rebranded and changed things up, wouldn't you want your window to reflect the new and awesome you?

The same goes for your website! Make sure it showcases your latest brand identity and marketing approach.

So, if you've revamped your brand, make sure your website reflects that too. It'll keep your visitors happy and up-to-speed, and that's good for everyone!


7. Get Noticed: Optimize/Redesign Your Website

You know how when you're trying to connect with people, it's important to speak their language and offer them what they're interested in?

It's the same with websites. If you want your targeted audience to stick around and do what you want them to do (like buy your product or sign up for your newsletter), you've got to give them tips or ideas they care about.

Companies with active blogs generate an average of 67% more leads per month compared to those without [source: Demand Metric]

Relevant content for your targeted audiences can lead to better conversions.

But here's the thing: most websites aren't set up for that. They're like old, cluttered where you can't find anything useful. Even if you have cool stuff to share, like a blog or interesting articles, they might get buried in the mess.

So, if you're serious about getting the most out of your content and reaching the right people, you've got to make sure your website is up to the task. It needs to be designed in a way that lets your content shine and makes it easy for people to find what they're looking for. That way, you'll have a much better chance of turning visitors into fans and customers.


So, there you have it – 7 clear signs that your business is in desperate need of a website redesign. Many design companies and agencies indeed charge thousands of dollars for their services. But this isn’t universally true (Doxorb's high-quality website design projects start at just $499, including all fees).

Think of it as an opportunity to breathe new life into your online presence and attract even more customers. 

Ready to take the plunge? Let's chat about how we can turn your website from drab to fab. Your business deserves it!

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